Monday, March 13, 2017

Van Conversion 2

Spent a lot of time working and planning, and recovering from rotator cuff repair surgery in January--still have a month and a half of physical therapy to look forward to, but as of week six, the restrictive sling is off and I can finally drive again!
I'm able to get a little more active now, but it's slow and cautious, no heavy lifting...meaning nothing heavier than a coffee cup!
 Here's the tentative floorplan.
Really rough plan, I need to measure again the van and the stuff I have to go in it again, maybe write it all down this time lol.  The dotted lines on the bottom are the extended sofa-bed I got on sale for $88.  Nice and firm, and a good size for the space, except that the back flattens down onto a non-movable frame, so if I don't do something about that, it will take up all that space no matter if it's up or down.  I'm thinking of cutting off the square-tube metal frame behind it, fastening the back bar and feet onto the wall, then adding smaller square tubes that will fit into the ones under the seat part, and letting them slide in when it's put back.The biggest problem (aside from my limited physical stuff) is that the couch is in storage, and hard to get to if there is snow--which we are expecting tomorrow from 12-18"--in March!  So, I just take it slow and do what I can.  People have come to see the house (which is for sale), but it doesn't look like it's going to sell too soon, so I still have time. (knock on wood!)

Pepper and Henry

Just needed an online-linkable pic of my two furbabies.