Friday, April 28, 2017

Van Conversion 3

Finally got some insulation and framing in.  The driver side, the back and side doors are insulated, the side framed and the passenger side wall is next.

The hanging thingy is the framing for the ceiling.  I'm having a little shoulder trouble, so it's just hanging there now on bungee cords and a piece of pipe. (After driving around with it like that for a few days, it's mostly just sitting on the stuff in the back.  You can see the passenger side door insulation in the last pic--a little pink stuff and duct tape did the trick!  The driver side wall needs a bit at the back for which I'll use whatever is leftover after the ceiling and other wall.

I'm hoping that the fall I took last week doesn't result in more surgery on my shoulder--I had an MRI this morning and should know by next week.  Sheesh!  All I need is one more thing to slow this project down some more!!

My current to-do list is:
  • finish the walls and ceiling
  • put in paneling
  • plywood on the floor
  • furnish with "kitchen", storage, bed platform and bed.
  • Fix the brown wire under the van for the trailer lights
  • Pay the car taxes so I can:
  • register the trailer and motorcycle
  • Get rid of the truck camper and truck cap
With the van ready for furniture, the garage will get cleaned out of the plywood, drysink, cabinets and shelves, which should go far in checking off the "Clean the Garage Out" list.  Since I just got notice of an available apartment, I need to get things going faster!