Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday Small Art Workshop

Saturday I held a free workshop at the Putnam, CT Public Library on Small Art. This pic is the group of kids from the morning session with their finished projects! They had a good time and made some wonderful things.

We did some collages, ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and several of them started Altered Books--taking some old books form the library(with permission!) and tearing pages, painting and glueing papers and yarns, sparkly things and stickers on them to begin a theme that they can finish later, a form of Art Journaling.

It thrilled me no end to hear several of them ask when the next class was going to be! I'm inspired by their creativity and energy to do it again!

In the afternoon I worked with a similarly enthusiastic group of adults and teens, and a good time was had by all. I have some pictures coming from a couple of people who were there--I was a little busy! I'll post them later.

There was a surprising amount of interest in this type of art, and I think we'll be starting a club soon to further explore!

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