Monday, January 14, 2008

More Snow!

The snow came again in the night last night, soft and quiet, it piled up on the trees and the cars. I managed to get out of my driveway just before the big maple at the end of the drive gave way under the weight of the heavy snow and came crashing down on across the driveway, taking the power, cable and phone lines with it! Strangely enough, that line powers the big house, which still has power, but the little house out back which is on another line altogether is without pawer, cable or phone. Strange quirky things happen sometimes, I guess.

It's stopped snowing now, around noonish, and the drive at work has been plowed and the snow is melting across the blacktop so with luck my drive home will be easier than the drive in. Nothing had been much plowed and it took me an hour for the normally 1/2 hour drive.

It looks great though! like a winter wonderland. Pictures will be forthcoming!


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