Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Show Went On!

My art exhibit at the Thompson Library was lovely! I missed my own opening though due to a short hospital stay, but Fred stood in for me and talked to people who came to see my stuff.

I have pictures I'llpost later, when I get a little better organized--I'm trying to stitch them all together into a 360 deg view, but haven't sat down to do it yet! That'll be interesting!

I was fortunate to have someone drop out of a class at QVCC that I wanted to get into--Intro to Computer Graphisc--it happened on the last add/drop day, and was a little miracle for me. I was just shutting down my computer in expectation of the bad thunderstorm heading our way, and thought to check just one more time to see if anyone had dropped--I went all gaga and called the college to have someone walk me through the process of registering online I was so excited! I felt like an idiot! LOL--it was like winning an auction on Ebay!

I took this class years ago when both Photoshop and Illustrator were new, and the college didn't even have syquest or zip drives, so we had to adjust all our images to fit on floppy disks!! I enjoyed it then and it launched me into the love I have for Photoshop today, but I never really utilised Illustrator much. This time, the teacher assured me that it would be about 2/3 illustrator, and using the newest versions, so I'll learn something I've been wanting to learn for a long while.
I can't wait for class tomorrow morning!

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