Thursday, September 10, 2009

Swap-bot Rocks!

There's a giveaway going on at's blog, and all I have to do to enter is to post here about it--easy peasy! The original post for it in their comments section is below:

My favorite ATC is a folded japanese-looking envelope type thing with a beautiful image inside–the folding and everything is fabulous and I can never open it up and close it in one try! Very interesting and a challenge everytime I show it to someone!

Swap-bot has been the source of all that is beautiful in my house right now! I’ve had so many terrific swaps with interesting and talented people all over the world–one of my favorite little treats is a tiny llama figurine from Peru, stuck into the package by the mother of my swap-partner from Argentina because she was so excited about the whole thing!

Living in rural northeastern Connecticut, we don’t have much going on here that encourages or even makes meeting new people possible, and my new world of artistic and creative friends through Swap-bot keeps me going!

Thanks Rachel and Travis for opening this virtual, and “postal” gateway to the world for me and everyone else!



rachel johnson said...

Thank for posting about Swap-bot and for your kind words! Swap-bot is special because we have awesome members like you.

cyn said...

Shucks, Rachel, you're making me blush! But I do love Swap-bot!

anthony said...


I am french and i like your blog.

I invit you to my GIFT SWAP here :

I hope you will be with us!
Have a nice day
Mama from France