Monday, December 21, 2009

Sashiko Pin Cushion--Finishing steps

This is the back, the embroidery finished and sewn to the pin cushion and lining (that's why it's lumpy)

This is the pin cushion side--one square of blue flowered fabric the same size as the embroidered back, and another square of the same fabric, turned 45 degrees, appliqued on and stuffed with polyester fiberfill. I made the stitches as invisible as I could, using a sort of hem stitch.

Two opposing points are folded in and stitched down, the other points will be the "cover" and "needlebook"
With a button and loop to hold it closed when not in use.

Here it is all buttoned up.

and from the back.

And here it is open and ready to use. The needle is tucked into the left side, and the pins in the middle.

My problem now is that I really like this little thing, so now I have to either make another one, or something else for the swap!


basia said...

so very artsy and useful. Great job Cyn..... love it.

Startup Wife said...

That's lovely! I'd love to have the kind of talent to make something like that.

Jay said...

Your creative talent is something. This is another fabulous work. It has now been added to my list of favorites.

Aarti Badamikar said...

very very pretty!! :) love it completely!