Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cake Decorating

I've been taking Wilton's Cake Decorating classes for a month and a half now. I took the first one, which was the basics, and the book and kit were the "old" ones, then between that class and the second one, they put out the new versions, so my second class is the "new" one--I'm also taking #3 at the same time so I can finish them up quicker.

It's fun, and I've remembered a lot of what I did back in school (Johnson and Wales in the '80s) so I'm catching on fast and already looking outward to new and different ideas.

I made a couple of cakes for the church I work for:

they were for the Parish Council Dinner, welcoming in the new Council and thanking the outgoing members. The chocolate cake is German Chocolate cake, with a chocolate ganache frosting, and buttercream flowers. The Flowered cake has a very pale pink buttercream frosting, and buttercream shell border, with gumpaste flowers I made in class--two calla lilies, three roses and two carnations, the edges of which are dusted with gold dust. The Chocolate cake was eaten to the last crumb, and the other had a few pieces left over for Sunday's Coffee Hour. A pretty successful endeavor!

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