Monday, November 08, 2010

nanowrimo is already almost half gone...

...well, a week into November anyway, and again, life is just a little too busy for writing. At least novel writing. I used to write a lot before I had a real life--this one is pretty full and I barely have time to paint, or draw, or do most art. I spend a lot of time on the computer, admittedly a lot of it watching tv and checking my e-mail LOL--but I'm working on three websites, and organizing my photos, and back to work at both jobs after three weeks out for shoulder surgery--I'm doing ok all things considered.

I have a list now, of prioritized things I actually must get done in a reasonable time, and I'm checking things off every day--this is a great feeling! Next in line is Lara's wedding dress and the gumpaste tropical flowers for her cake! I'll be carrying them down on the plane (that decision finally made, too!) and assembling the cake there. I may ship cake layers down there if I can find a shipper that's trustworthy enough to get them there in one piece...each.

Pictures will be coming soon, as I work on things.

Oh, and did I mention it snowed last night? A heavy dusting that rapidly turned to slush and rain--it all came from what they are calling a Rogue Storm, the likes of which have never been seen before. In the satellite pictures it looks like nothing but a hurricane! There were 62mph winds in Maine, trees down and power outages--not so bad here, but there was definitely wind!
It's a little early for snow, our lilac bushes still have some leaves on them!

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