Thursday, May 15, 2014

The forgotten cake

Fred asked me to make a cake for a friend's birthday. There would be only three for a quiet birthday lunch, and I had need of a small fancy cake for a photo opportunity to show someonehow a color blend would look, so I was planning for that, then the plan changed because the birthday "girl" would like a "Hostess Cupcake" Cake--for three.
I had the right pan for the job: a deep Corelle cereal bowl--it made the cake look exactly like a LARGE cupcake. Then, I cut out a chunk of the top, and filled it with Whoopie Pie filling (very similar to the real hostess cupcake filling). Freshly made chocolate ganache in several layers on top, finished off with the traditional white icing loop-di-loops and it was all set to go the next morning.

Unfortunately, we both left at the same time, and he got all the way to Danielson before relizing he'd forgotten the cake!  He had to stop at the local supermarket and get a box of cupcakes to make up for it...but we enjoyed the cake later!

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