Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Spring-Summer projects Project

Ok now I'm stepping away from all the swapping, which is a fun thing to do, but takes up a lot of art time. I've just about finished my 400th swap, so it's a good time to stop for a while and do something else.

I've been sewing quilt blocks most lately, you can see some of them here I've sent all of these out so far, and now just wait to get blocks back in the mail. I'll assemble the most likely ones into a scrappy type quilt top.

I have plans for three quilts now--the scrappy swap quilt, a string quilt (sample here--not mine,
but a basic idea of what they look like), here is one of my blocks:

and a dutchman's puzzle variation

this is a virtual quilt of the pattern, created in Photoshop. The dark blue pinwheels are a fabric with celestial images in blues and yellows and touches of white, the yellow is a yellow-on-yellow geometric pattern fabric, the white is just white with fine sparkles all over, and the outer blue border is a sponge-looking blue on blue pattern, and the light blue squares has also a celestial sort of pattern with little yellow moons and yellow and orange-red stars, with dark fine scroll design over all.

The other projects I'm looking at, besides cleaning out the garage to make studio space, are more paintings, and the Secret CD Project.. Of the 4000 required old cds and DVDs I need for this one, I have now acquired about 900. I'm also looking for dead motherboards, hard drives, old RAM chips, and any other components that have the green circuit board parts. Once I get at least 2000 parts, I'll start assembling. I recently wrote to Netflix to ask if they'd like to recycle their old DVDs through me--that could bring my totals right up! I hope they consider it!

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