Sunday, March 21, 2010

Secret Sundays

Seth Apter has several inspiring projects going through his blog- The Altered Page.

"Secret Sundays" just ended--18 weeks of wonderful "secrets" from artists all over the place.

"...Over 150 (!) artists have answered a series of questions which make up The Pulse. Their responses will be presented as a series of online and print projects. And the first begins right now!

Beginning today, join the The Altered Page every Sunday for "Secret Sunday." Here the secrets of all your favorite artists will be revealed. It could be a technique, a product, a secret source, a little-known website, a hidden shop, an inspiration, just about anything!..."

Next up is the Book Guild "...The Book Guild will meet every Sunday, rain or shine. So stop by to be introduced to a whole new library of art-related books. The Guild will be more than just a list however. There will be links, book reviews, giveaways, and interviews with many of your favorite authors. And I promise you that there will be some major events that are guaranteed to knock your handmade socks off!!..."

Come along and join the fun!

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Seth said...

Thanks for the shout out on my Pulse projects. Hoep to see you there on Sunday!