Saturday, January 29, 2011

One World, One Heart--Final Event!

It's starting Monday, 1/30 so check back here to post your comments again this year--my giveaway will be posted on Jan. 30 so you can leave your comments and hope to win!

This has been and is a great bit of blogger social networking--visit all the creative and artistic and crafty bloggers who link in, and see how wonderful the world is!!

1 comment:

IM GIRL said...

Thank you and I am SUPER excited to have won your gorgeous quilt blocks.
I love blues and greens. I also love bright colors. I simply LOVE quilts, but I am out of that league when it comes to putting one together so I am positive that I will love whatever you decide works!!
Thank you for the opportunity to win them! and lots of luck again on your wedding cake and dress. Would love to see the cake photos and dress!

Cheering you on!