Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My New Friend Millie!

Putting aside catastrophe for a little while, I'd like to introduce my new friend Millie:

It's a Millennium Longarm Quilter!  Big enough to put on a King Size quilt, or a little 2x2 wall hanging, and whatever you need in between! This pic is from the company website, but it's the same model as the one I get to use now at the Stitch Chicks Quilt Shop.  I took the certification class last night and am totally in love!!
Here is the little wallhanging I used for the class:

the front

the back

We had a little difficulty getting going, but it turned out the thread was bad, once replaced, it was smooth sailing!  This machine is heavenly!  The whole thing glides around with a feather touch, and you can do freeform designs (that's what I did) or set up the pantagraph in the back to copy images and patterns with laser guidance! (That's another class that I'm looking forward to!)

I love the look of the back of this project so much that I want to try a whole cloth quilt down the line.  My first date to work on my own is in the first week of November and I'll quilt my Shadowbox quilt. I'll post a picture when it's done.

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