Friday, September 09, 2016

Wild Mushroom Treasures!

Big surprise this morning on the lawn next too the ash tree--FIVE, count 'em FIVE giant puffball mushrooms bigger than softballs!!
I had them harvested, brushed clean and the bottoms cut off before I realized a picture would be nice.

They are probably a few hours past perfect for picking, but I took them anyway. 

You can see the skin on this one is a little browner than it should be, but the skin comes off easily enough. I left them on for slicing and sauteeing.
You can see here they were white and fluffy on the inside, just right!!

These slices show a slight tinge of yellow-white in the center, not perfect, but still good.

A little butter and oil in a nice big skillet, and sizzle away into yummy goodness!

 I had to have two big skillets going to get them all done.

Here is the whole batch, ready for the fridge to be used in omelets, side dishes and anything you could use regular mushrooms in.

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