Monday, February 25, 2008

Dotee Dolls!

Now there is the cutest fad going around in the crafty art doll and Swapping world--Dotee Dolls! They are little finger long dolls shaped rather like Good n Plentys with faces, beaded tails and fancy hair, with a loop to hang them. Here are two I made for a swap on Swap-bot:

The next picture is of three other dolls I made for swaps--the two on the sides are "icicle dolls" and the little one in the center was for a Goddess Doll Swap:

They're fun and easy to make, quick because they are small, but no limit on how much embellishment you can add to make them really special!


Val Foster said...

I love your Dotee Dolls. The colors, and facial expressions, are great. Although still haven't figured out why they're called that.

cyn richardson said...

They're named after the woman who created the originals--her name is Dot. She used to have a website with instructions on how to make them, but there was some sort of bruhaha about people selling them, so she took her site down and made it by invitation only. Too bad!